Tips On How To Work From Home

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Tips on How to Work from Home

Coronavirus-19 has an impact on how and where we work. So many of us are setting up our home offices for the first time. Here are a few tips that I used to make ensure success and structure while I work from home for the first time.

Make sure you have a designated working space where you’re separated from distractions.

A desk with a proper comfortable sitting chair is ideal so you aren’t hurting your back/posture.

Avoid laying in bed, having a more structured designated work area will help feel like you're at work.

This will imitate you getting up in the morning and having structure. Going to a working space so you can focus more will encourage productivity to oppose to laying in bed and feeling lazy and less productive

Make sure you are still in routine when it comes to meals.

This will also keep you imitate a working day while working from home.

Eat healthy choices! Healthy food is energy and can help your brain stay motivated and focused on your work task.

Get some exercise when you can.

Although you are at home try an online AT HOME work out.

I love yoga and have many friends that are giving classes on Zoom. YouTube online yoga instructors are also fantastic.

Going for a walk in your neighbourhood is also very important to get the blood flowing and your exercise in. I have my headset in while I walk and lesson to auto books. I never found the time to do this before so I'm trying to do the best out of this situation.

Make a schedule for your day (write it down!)

Being at home, distractions are bound to happen. Try and make a schedule that incorporates work, personal time, chores, eating, exercising etc.

This list will help you feel more organized and you’ll have more guidance

Collaborate and working remotely can sound lonely but staying in touch with co-workers from work is important.

Use one of the numerous platforms we have to video chat, call or message to get feedback, do check-ins, meetings etc.

Here are some office designs we had created for our clients. We are here to help…visual consultations are available.