Let’s do coffee! Our process begins with an introductory meet and greet at our studio, to get to know each other. We believe that the success of any relationship is grounded in strong communication, and we want to make sure that we’re the perfect fit for you. Whether we meet in person or virtually, we want you to leave with a clear understanding of what to expect in the months to come.

Decorating and designing with Parsons Interiors Ltd. can begin with the blueprints and custom design of your space, or simply be the addition of those final touches that transform a room. Bringing together skilled craftsmen and artisans, while working within your budget, we create that unique home, office space or vacation residence that suits you today and for years to come. Please bring any background documentation that you’ve prepared to date; this may include floor plans, architectural drawings, surveys, and landscape designs. We will discuss the scope, budget breakdowns, and scheduling of your project.

A detailed proposal is provided, outlining our process and the fees associated with each phase, and will be provided after an initial consultation.

Don’t forget! With Parsons Interiors Ltd., you also have the option of shopping in person at our furniture boutique or requesting the purchase of anything you see on our online product page.

Planning and Programming



We’ve decided to work together! Now it’s time to step into a deeper discovery meeting, where we structure the framework that the design will reference as it unfolds. Using your collection of ideas and items that inspire you – through photographs of your special collections, coveted possessions, and existing furniture and artwork, as well as your inspirational images, whether from magazine clippings or digital compilations - we’ll discuss how we can incorporate the things you love. We’ll explore your needs and wishes, passions and hobbies, and discuss the daily flow of your work and family schedules. This is the BEST time in the process for you to bring us your ideas and research, at the beginning, when ideas are germinating.



As the design phase kicks off we start by fine-tuning your floor plan to determine your home’s flow and functionality. Then, room by room we will present you with curated palettes alongside design sketches and mood board so that you can visualize how your room will feel when it’s all complete. Being able to touch and feel the perfect combination of materials alongside images of the respective tiles, flooring, counter tops, paint colours and fabrics for each room, all reflecting your design aesthetic. The artistry of selecting the perfect combination is based on years of experience and knowledge, but our collaboration with you is key. To supplement our presentations, we may recommend visits to our showrooms so you can experience what we’ve come to know and love about the brands we recommend. Several client/designer meetings may be needed during this phase, depending on the size of project.

Design development and selection
Floor Plans and Construction



You’ll be provided a design and specification package to fully communicate your curated design to your contractor, builder, and trades. Your package may include floor plans drawings, furniture layout, construction drawings, reflected ceiling plans, lighting layouts, elevations drawings, detailed millwork drawings, mood board, furniture, and accessories sections as required to price and build or renovate your home. Thorough design/decorating specification documents, may also include colours, materials, and finishes. Our connections to the furniture, drapery and construction industry are second-to-none, and we want you to benefit from our years of experience. We only recommend manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and builders that are true craftsmen and that we know are trustworthy and meet the caliber of our client's expectations. If you’ve already assembled your team, we’ll collaborate closely with them to execute your vision.



Many of our clients continue from construction straight into the details for finishing their homes with the perfect furnishings, artwork and décor. In some cases we manage both construction design development and decorating simultaneously for a highly coordinated home. Other clients come to us exclusively for just decorating – we’re thrilled to provide either. Similar to construction projects, we’ll sit down with you to determine your furnishings style, comfort desire, and desired quality level, as well as your needs in the space. From there you’ll be presented with a mood board, furniture layout , floor plans, confirming scale and proportion, conceptual imagery to communicate the vision, and furniture recommendations. Once your approval for the design direction is received, we move on to sourcing specific fabrics, drapery and window coverings, furniture and décor, and provide you with quotes based on your selections. We place all orders, providing you with regular updates, then receive, inspect and store pieces as needed until you’re ready for installation. We consider ourselves to be in the business of providing turnkey homes, and being organized and very detail-oriented in our work.

Decorating and Sourcing



When the time comes, we coordinate the delivery and set-up of everything needed for your home. Starting with large scale items such as furniture and area rugs, and directing the installation and placement of window coverings and artwork. Smaller lamps and tables are positioned while our professional stylists artistically balance and style your shelves. We live for the moment you enter your home and see your vision become a reality, in a house that perfectly reflects your style.
“Changing Your House Into A Home”