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A Beginner’s Guide To Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of every home, providing an open atmosphere for the family to come together. This makes it essential for them to accommodate the right amenities and design for everyone’s comfort. If you feel your kitchen lacks the traits of functionality and fun, renovating is an ideal solution for you.

Getting Started

Gather inspiration - Consider the things you want your new kitchen to contain, then look at Pinterest, modular kitchen magazines, and interior design websites for creative ideas you’d like for yourself.

Hire an interior designer - Kitchen renovations are a big task that requires skill and expertise to improve its functionality and aesthetics.

Next Steps

Make a plan - Once you have the concept you’re after, with the help of your interior decorator, come up with a plan to execute the look you are after.

Set a budget - If you have appliances like a refrigerator that’s in working condition, there’s no point in getting rid of it unless it is too small for your requirements. Similarly, if the cabinets don’t match the color you want in your new kitchen, have them repainted instead of buying new ones.

Advice From The Pros

Check designer reviews - Besides delivering a project on time and within budget, an interior designer should also be able to provide quality work, communicate with you, incorporate your ideas, and ensure your satisfaction.

Choose products that match your lifestyle - If you have a busy schedule and want a practical kitchen, choose products that are durable and easy to clean.

Think appliances first - Don’t leave the purchase of appliances for last. They cost the most, and based on their sizes and the space they take up, you can plan your other investments to improve the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Set up a temporary kitchen - Based on your plans to revamp, decide if you need to install the dishwasher and washing machine in another room temporarily, you could also invest in an electric stove for added convenience.

At Parsons Interiors Ltd., we are trained to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home with quality furnishings, personalized just for you. We also communicate with you throughout the renovation process to aptly introduce your personality and lifestyle to the project.

Refresh your bathroom

If you are looking to refresh your bathroom without doing a major renovation, here are some tips.

Updating your bathroom can put new life into the mundane; however, not everyone has the time, experience or budget to do a full renovation. If your tub and tile are in good shape, you can refresh your bathroom without too much effort.

A simple change can make all the difference.

Consider updating your towel racks or by buying some new ones, or check out heated towel racks you might need to consult with an electrician, especially if you choose a model that is hardwired, though plug-in models are also available.

Add a splash of colour on the walls or add texture by adding artwork or changing up your shower curtain, towels and bath rugs can also make a big difference, all are available at Parsons Interiors. And the good news is all made in Canadian, great quality products at different price points to suit everyone’s budget.

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