The Power of Accent Walls: Wallpaper Edition

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The Power of Accent Walls Wallpaper Edition

If your room is dull and bare and you feel like you need a pop of something but you can't seem to figure out what it is you're missing, your solution: wallpaper. Although it can be expensive and out of your budget, it's something definitely worth investing in. Think of it like this, a huge piece of art work. Essentially that is exactly what wallpaper is. There are so many ways to incorporate it to match the ambiance of your home or space. You could do something with less colour and use texture to give the subtle "umph" that ties in your home and make you feel at peace. You can go bold and get crazy bright colours with intricate patterns that will inspire you when you walk in. You can go big and put it in a big empty wall, or small, and put it up in a corner just to give you something different when you walk in. There are so many ways to utilize wall paper and the amount of choices are endless. You will be able to find the perfect wall paper(s) for you. There are varieties of colours, patterns, textures, sizes, the choices are boundless. So what do you say, make an appointment and see us at Parsons Interiors.

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