How to design a living room for baby boomers

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How to design a living room for baby boomers

Ever wondered who are these “Baby Boomers”? Or rather why are they called by the name of “Baby Boomers”?


You got it right. People or rather the generation of people who were born just after the period of the Second World War are termed, Baby Boomers. They were born in the period ranging from 1946 to 1964. This era significantly witnessed magnificent growth in the world population. Baby boomers have experienced all the major events in the world so far.

Although age is just considered a number, still the Baby Boomers’ design trends and their stylization differs a lot from our own design sense. The oldest Baby boomer attained the age of 74 years when the entire world was witnessing the 1 year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The workaholic mentality of the Baby boomers afforded them the luxury of significant disposable income and subsequent amount of spending power. So, economically when you are capable to spend more, you end up spending or rather investing in materialistic desires. Human psychology is of the opinion that upholding yourself to others is quite evident when you want to stand out in the crowd from others. And, in order to do so, you often end up cluttering your home by decorating your interiors with the newest appliances or best in the trending brands available in the marketplace.

They inherited immense wealth and acquired high-end luxurious products and upgraded their interiors with quality furniture that would reflect the change in the trends and color schemes in accordance with the time and their taste.

The opinion of the Baby boomers in terms of design is slightly different from that of Gen X. Unlike Gen X, who tend to design each room with a unique sense of style, the Baby boomers, on the other hand, prefer harmony with all the colors combined into a single one.

Baby boomers prefer closeness to nature and hence try to give their living room a traditional feel, with informal rustic décor with much more space available and a touch of classic furnishing design. A sharp-lined, sculptural design armchair is one such example of the furniture that the baby boomers preferred. They prefer more comfortable, stylish, and mid-century style furniture that is more open and less bulky. In terms of environment, both natural and LED tunable lights are valuable design elements used to recreate nature's circadian cycle for the baby boomers

How to design a living room for baby boomers

How to design a living room for baby boomers