DIY Interior Design Or Hire An Interior Designer/Decorator

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After you have bought the home of your dreams, the next step is to design it. You have to take care of everything from the colour of the walls to the furniture and art pieces in every room and even the carpets and curtains. Here comes the age-old dilemma of doing all of this yourself or hiring a professional.

Choosing between these two options can be more complex than you think. When you go the DIY way, you have more control over the entire process. However, there is always another possibility that you can mess things up. As experts in the field, we at PARSONS INTERIORS LTD have written the pros and cons of designing your home yourself vs. hiring a professional and letting them guide you through the process.

DIY interior design  

Pro: Hiring a designer can be a bit expensive if you are running on a budget. If you go for the DIY method, the cost of a designer’s fee is eliminated straightaway. 

Con: You will end up spending a lot of time and money on planning, allocating funds, doing research, and so on. All this can be difficult to do with other tasks like work, children, and life getting in the way. 

Interior Designer/Decorator

Pro: Interior designers ensure that the entire process is carried out without any hassle on your part. They are skilled professionals, have dealt with multiple scenarios regarding decorating, and are equipped for any mishaps or issues.

Cons: As stated above, hiring a professional can be expensive. This is why it is important for you to look for designers who are transparent about their charges and help you make a smart decision.


If people design their own homes, we designers will lose our jobs and potential offers in the future. Additionally, if people do their own homes and then later hire us, we will have to fix their mistakes when we could have done it in the beginning. Do you want to do a project twice? Spend money on the same thing twice? Most people would say no.

We recommend you hire us in the beginning. We will work towards your vision and help you achieve your dream home. We will work as a team and crush this “debate” together! Why work by yourself and take on another task? Give it to us and don’t worry about it!

If you are looking for certified interior decorating and design professionals serving Oakville, Mississauga, and The GTA, reach out to us at PARSONS INTERIORS LTD. Our commitment is to you. We listen to your needs, ensuring each is met. If you have a design dilemma or décor ideas but need help pulling your thoughts together we can help you realize the potential of those ideas and bring them to life.

We create spaces that no matter what your style, her skill is in interpreting your vision into a space that truly reflects your personality. With excellent tradespeople to make your project a reality, our design staff is dedicated to providing a superior level of service, all with the goal of creating an environment you will love coming home to.

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