All You Need To Know About Quartz Countertops

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Quartz is a notable material for your kitchen and vanity countertop. Now Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral that is also a non-porous material. It is easy to clean and ensures that you have a fairly bacteria-free countertop. The Quartz countertop industry has many design options that you can pick and choose from. Solid colour slabs to intricate patterns, Quartz has it all. 

There are many advantages to owning Quartz countertops, but each come to their own when preferences come to play. Here are some quick facts about Quartz countertops that can play a major role when choosing your countertop material. 

1. How durable is Quartz?
As mentioned above, Quartz is a hard material. It is resistant to staining, scratching, and heat. However, it is recommended not to place any hot surfaces directly on your countertop. 

2. What are the components of a quartz countertop?
When looking for countertops, ensure you’ve got a good ratio of natural Quartz to the resin filler. Most high-quality Quartz has a ratio of 93% Quartz to only 7% resin. 

3. What is the cleaning process? Will I have any staining issues?
The cleaning process for a Quartz countertop is quite simple. Due to its properties, Quartz is stain resistant. You can easily clean surfaces by using soap with luke-warm water.

4. What is the general thickness of a Quartz slab?
The general thickness of Quartz countertops is 1.5 cms, 2 cms, and 3 cms. To achieve a thicker side profile, a miter edge will be made, polished and rounded.

5. How to know if your Quartz is the real deal?
A quick trick to know if your Quartz is made of real material is to check for the edges. For instance, a quartz tile with a vein; this vein should continuously run from the top face to the sides and continue to the bottom of the tile. This ensured the quality of the tile. 

6. What is the warranty of a Quartz countertop?
The warranty of a Quartz countertop is a very significant factor when making your purchase decision. Quartz is divided into the prices ranged and chipping factors. Higher-priced Quartz has a lifetime warranty, this includes chip repair. Moderately-priced Quartz has a warranty of 15 years, but there are additional fees for chipping repairs. 

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