How To Create A Homeschool Area In Your Home

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How To Create A Homeschool Area In Your Home

What is happening with home offices for remote work is also happening with homeschools for remote learning. It is a “new reality” many families are adjusting to during Covid-19.

With a few steps, you can create a functional learning station.

Step 1
Choose a location as free as possible of distractions, with good light and ventilation to help your child to concentrate. Avoid high-traffic/noisy areas like hallways, kitchens or laundries.

Basements, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living areas that aren't frequently used during school hours can work well for remote learning. But if any of these spaces is available, find empty corners or walls against which you could place a desk. And if your only option is a busy room, consider setting up a divider (a screen or a shelf unit) to section off the space.

Step 2
Define the elements you want on the wall(s) surrounding the desk. Depending on the size of the area, you can add shelfs, cabinets and boards.

Also, you can change the wall colour to enhance productivity, creativity, and even emotional positivity. Warmer colours like yellow and orange could be good options for younger kids, and colder colours like blue or green for older kids.

Step 3
Find comfortable furniture appropriate to your child’s size. If you can afford it, buy an ergonomic desk and chair. You can also make a wall mounted desk or place a tabletop across two filing cabinets.

For kindergarten students, you can add a small table with sensory games.

Step 4
Buy equipment according to your child’s age. There are laptops designed for kids: drop and water resistant.

Also, it is important to have floor or desk lamps to illuminate the workspace and reduce eye strain.

Step 5
Include some decor elements (artwork, pictures, etc.) that your child likes in order to create a space that is more personal and where he/she enjoys spending time in.

Finally, it is important to maintain the space organized and decluttered to maintain focus and prevent distractions. Store each type of school supply separately in baskets, bins, shelves, cabinets, bookcases and desktop organizers.

How To Create A Homeschool Area In Your Home

How To Create A Homeschool Area In Your Home

How To Create A Homeschool Area In Your Home

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