How Covid-19 Is Changing Interior Design

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How Covid-19 Is Changing Interior Design

Another question to be resolved regarding COVID-19, is how it is affecting interior design.

Now that we are beginning the “new reality”, it might be difficult to return to life as we knew it considering that old habits were part of the problem.

With confinement, many took the task of redecorating their homes with the idea of improving their state of mind, being in a comfortable place and at the same time suitable for a home office.

The office rentals in the country have faced a not very encouraging outlook with a drop in demand. As for interior design, it is certain that houses, offices, and commercial spaces will now need to consider designs with a new awareness for personal safety.

When choosing a property to live in, the details that previously went unnoticed will now become more relevant, like brighter and wider spaces.

Homes are having to adapt to technology and workspaces. Even after the vaccine, a lot of companies will continue with remote work, so the home office will become one of the most important areas of the house. The increased use of computers and video calls will make us focus on the comfort of the furniture (e.g., sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs), lighting, and good acoustics, impacting the future of interior design.

More than ever, now it is about creating a balanced and harmonious space where you can feel good and calm. Ideally, an interior design professional can help to achieve the effect we are looking for, combining materials, colors, and distribution of all the elements in the house.

Also, the decoration of backyards and terraces is gaining importance due to the increase in the amount of time we are spending there since it is the safest direct contact with the outside.

Finally, and without a doubt, there is and will be a revolution in shared spaces. Again, technology will play a large part in this aspect with automatic doors, motion-activated lighting, or smart bathrooms, which allow hygienic coexistence in automated spaces.

How Covid-19 Is Changing Interior Design

Definitely, after Covid-19, nothing will be the same.

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