The Truth About Granite Countertops

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In the world of kitchen accessories, there are several countertop options available today. This means that based on the requirement, it’s easy to find anything from decent and affordable tiles to luxurious and expensive marble. If you’re looking for something in between, granite countertops are the way to go. Just be sure to learn more about the product before investing in it, as there are several kinds of granite options available in the market.

Additionally, like most products, granite has its pros and cons. Unfortunately, to market this and other kitchen counter materials, over the years, businesses have bent the truth about granite. This has led to the advent of several misconceptions about granite in terms of its capabilities, maintenance, and composition.

To help you separate the fables from the facts, Parsons Interiors Ltd. has explained the truth about granite countertops. Keep reading to see what they are and if granite countertops are a viable option for you.

1. There are traces of radon in granite

While radon is present in granite, the amount of radon found in this material has no risk to your health. In fact, the soil under your house is likely to have more radon quantities than granite, which makes it a bigger concern than your countertop. So, if a vendor tries to tell you that you shouldn’t choose granite because of radon traces found within it, they may be using this information to scare you into buying something else instead of granite. 

2. Granite countertops are not indestructible

Yes, granite is an extremely durable material, but it isn’t necessarily indestructible. Dropping a heavy item onto the corner of a granite counter can definitely cause it to crack or chip. Similarly, it is best to use a cutting board when chopping things instead of doing it directly over the granite. While your knife won’t harm the counter significantly, the granite is strong enough to dull your blade. Granite is also heat-resistant, meaning you can place hot pots and pans directly on to counters made of this material.

3. Granite countertops do not require a lot of maintenance

Cleaning your granite counters simply requires warm water and mild soap, like any other counter. Occasionally, you’ll also need to reseal your counter as that helps to keep it from becoming stained and turning into a home for bacteria.

Bottom line

As you can see, granite countertops are not only safe and durable but also require little maintenance work. Not to mention it comes in different varieties, which makes it an excellent choice for any kitchen. If possible, look at the actual slab of granite you’ll be purchasing and not just the sample before investing in it. This needs to be done because granite is 100% natural, and no two slabs are the same. So, you want to make sure that the granite you’re choosing meets your preference.

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