How To Choose The Right Light Bulb For Your Kitchen

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How to Choose the Right Light Bulb for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is both a space for gathering and utility, which means the type of lighting you choose should offer sufficient illumination but also blend in with the aesthetics of your kitchen. However, when shopping for bulbs at your local hardware store, the vast options available can cause you to lose track of your goals and choose inefficient lighting options.

To help you avoid making the wrong choices, the experts at Parsons Interiors Ltd. have listed a few tips on how to choose the right bulb for your kitchen.

1. Select the right bulb type for your fixture
Standard, candle, tube, and track lights are some of the common types of light bulbs available in stores today. If you’re interested in getting any of these, make sure you pick out a bulb based on the fixture you have. Consider the shape and size of the bulb for your fixture, and make sure the base matches the fixture too.

2. Choose the right wattage
Wattage is the amount of energy a light bulb requires to work. Bulbs with a lower wattage will be dimmer than those with a higher wattage. Before buying a bulb, make sure the bulb’s watts don’t exceed the limit of the fixture you’re installing them in, or else you risk causing damage to the fixture. LED bulbs will have a lower wattage than incandescent or halogen bulbs as they’re more energy-efficient. So, make sure you consider this factor while choosing a bulb for your kitchen.

3. Determine how many lumens you need
Lumens refers to the amount of light that is emitted from the bulb. Considering the amount of lumens is essential, especially when using LED bulbs. The number of lumens you need in a bulb will depend on the size of the space you’re lighting. For reference, a standard 100-watt incandescent light bulb produces around 1,600 lumens.

4. Select the right colour temperature
Kelvins (K) is used to measure the colour temperature of a light bulb. The three primary colour temperatures are Soft White (2700K-3000K), Bright or Cool White (3500K-4100K), and Daylight (5000K-6500K). When lighting your kitchen, try selecting a bulb that is 3000K-4000K to ensure the space is bright enough to cook in.

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