Decluttering and organizing

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Decluttering and Organizing

Let's be real, COVID-19 has taken a shift in all of our daily routines. We are stuck inside all day every day with nothing to do besides baking. With all this free time on our hands, a great way for us to feel productive is to organize and declutter our homes. We all have that one special thing that we always put to the side and never got to it because we were just too busy. Whether it was to go through your pile of boxes, cleaning up the basement or the attic, going through your closet because you bought too many clothes that you need to make space for (you know what I’m talking about), this is the perfect opportunity to finally tackle your to-do list. Decluttering and organizing will allow you to feel more relaxed and improve your overall state of mind. All these things in your home that you might have felt like you didn’t have control over, may cause you to feel anxious more than you think. Your home should be your haven, this is the place you should feel most comfortable in. Especially since we are all stuck inside it is more important than ever to allow yourself to relax in the space of your own home and not feel restless and unmotivated. 

This can seem like a lot to do but the important thing is, you do it at your own pace. We all are stuck inside anyway so there is no rush! Take things one step at a time to thoroughly go through all your stuff. Start with categories, not rooms. This way you can feel more accomplished and motivated because of the smaller amount of work it is. Starting big will have you easily distracted, and the next thing you know you have given up. I know for me when I used to start with the bigger rooms, I would always find something nostalgic and just sit there and think. One thing would lead to another and then my Sunday morning cleaning session became next week's problem.  Anything you own, make sure that there is a proper place for it. If it doesn’t have a designated place, then you simply don't need it. Throw it out. Put things into drawers or bins that can be put away but also easily taken out if needed. This way you won’t have clutter around your home that only creates an eyesore. 

During this time we must take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Wiping down everything that we bring into our homes is crucial.  We only are physically allowed to go out to buy groceries. To keep our food safe while staying organized I suggest putting your food in containers and throwing away all packages.  This way everything stays cleaner and has a place. It also keeps fruits and vegetables stay fresher much longer. 
I like to fill my fridge and pantry with clear containers this way you are able to see everything, and its a lot more eco friendly! Labeling the containers is also essential, especially, for your herbs and spices. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself, try to have fun. This process can be enjoyable if you let it. Put on your favourite music playlist, have a glass of wine, and start with a smile on your face.