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Furnishing a home is a fine balance of sourcing old and new—finding pieces that add interest to space, make a statement, tell a story. We do try to source from so many suppliers to find the best pieces for our projects, but these three design stores are consistently at the top of our list. The breadth is large, the quality is excellent, the product is interesting, and overall we provide the pieces that make the home have that wow factor statement. Sometimes the main thing that we might buy for our client is just a chair… dining chairs, accent chairs—some of our suppliers are the kings of chairs. Parsons Interiors have a really good relationship with well established Canadian companies. Typically, we will find just what we are looking for.

One client wanted oxblood round chairs with matte black legs for their dining room—where are you going to find these?


A home is made of big things, but a home is really made cozy by the small things. We do source and go out of the country from time to time to buy a few artwork and accessories that we just fall in love with and display and store at our showroom just waiting for that right space to design and decorate. This is how we achieve the level of sophistication and homeyness of a house. Our designers have impeccable taste, and there have been times were we had to fish through unattractive items to find the hidden gem.

Take a look at just a few accessory examples in this room.


One of our design trademark or should we say our design style at Parsons Interiors is a flow from room to room. There is a great example how we took the Japanese feel from the living room and carried it out into the master bedroom. Client was looking to have a minimalist look. We added some large custom pillows that gave them that Japanese feel to them by having folded like piece of fabric with inside each pillow—it’s very soft and inviting. Overall they feel paired down and simple—a subtle pause the space needed.


A great find was this vintage Letter ‘M’ Decor… This letter M was part of an old commercial sign we found it at an antique shop while we were at a friend's cottage purely by chance we just lucked out. It’s is just a small detail to place on top of the fireplace, but that’s what makes it special and the client just loved it. Depending on each project, we try to go to the moon and back towards trying and find the right one or two pieces that would be a leaving you scratch-your-head, “Where did that come from?”


The farmhouse we designed in Milton Ontario is an equestrian family, so this was a nod to the family’s love for horse riding. We wanted a pair of riding boots that would never be used, that would just be displayed as decor. We knew if we bought antique ones they would remain pristine.

Furnish Your Home