The Future Of Furniture

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The Future of Furniture

With more people growing conscious about the environment and developing a desire to reduce waste in every-day living, sustainable furniture has the potential to become a prominent new trend. 

In 2011, it was reported that the US produced 9.8 million tons of furniture waste, which is an astounding quantity of waste with no future purpose. To cut down on their contribution towards landfills, today, many furniture manufacturers are beginning to design and produce with sustainability in mind. As they aim to take on a greener approach, furniture designers and makers are committing to forest conservation, manufacturing items in North America, and using materials with a longer lifespan.

If you plan on purchasing sustainable furnishings for your home or office, it would be a good idea to pay attention to the latest furniture industry trends. This will give you an idea of the direction furniture products will take in terms of quality, design, availability, and sustainability. To help you stay in-the-know, here are our predictions about the future of furniture.

New furniture designs
In the future, clients may begin to see changes in how furniture looks due to the unique characteristics some environmentally friendly furniture has. Using reclaimed wood, recycled-content fabrics, and easily renewable materials like bamboo are some of the more common ways manufacturers are choosing to be eco-conscious. Metal furniture is a sustainable option because of its long lifespan and ability to be recycled.

More availability
With more people demanding eco-friendly furniture and designers taking a keen interest in heeding these demands, the quantity, and variety of sustainable furniture is expected to increase. As new environmentally-friendly furniture becomes available, more decorating professionals like Parsons Interiors Ltd. will have the opportunity to provide decorating services that not only enhance homes but also help protect the environment and air we breathe.

The bottom line 
While clients have the ability to create a demand for innovative and sustainable products like biodegradable furniture, and ethically-sourced materials, it is the responsibility of designers and decorators to take the initiative and employ forward-thinking measures to ensure our health and our environment is looked after. Creativity and innovation are key factors in creating sustainable and eco-friendly furniture.

If the furniture industry were to go green, it would have a hugely beneficial impact, especially on future generations. It takes over a decade for wood furniture to decompose in landfills and up to fifty years for leather. We need to think of more environmentally friendly options now to protect future generations and ensure a better quality of life.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with sustainable décor that’s beautiful and timeless, reach out to Parsons Interiors Ltd. We are certified interior decorating and design professionals serving Oakville, Mississauga, and The GTA. We are highly conscious of the current state of the environment and are working hard to make smarter greener choices for our clients’ homes.

To ensure you receive the right blend of sustainability and comfort, we make sure to identify your needs and expectations before getting to work. Once you share your personality and lifestyle choices with us, and we add our flair for design and quality to create an inviting space, which reflects you.

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