Things To Do Before Hiring An Interior Decorator

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Things to Do Before Hiring an Interior Decorator

When most people make the decision to enlist the services of an interior decorator, they typically assume that their work ends after they find a suitable professional. However, even before hiring an interior decorator, there are several other valid points to consider. To ensure your project goes as planned, here are a few things to do before hiring an interior decorator. 

Research interior decorating professionals
Finding the right decorator for you is important in ensuring your needs are met, and you get the best design possible. You can view a decorator’s work and set up a consultation to see if they are someone you would like to work with.

Discover your style
Knowing the design elements that you like and don’t like before starting a project will help your decorator save time when they’re selecting furniture for your house.

Find inspirational images
Gathering images of furniture, colours, and materials that you like can help your decorator select items that match your taste. Websites like Pinterest and Houzz are useful tools for viewing images of rooms and products.

Determine your wants and needs
Start by going through your house and make a note of any items you want to keep. It is vital for your decorator to be aware of these items at the beginning of the project so they can make sure to incorporate them into the room.

When adding new items to the room, determining your wants and needs lets your decorator know what is most important to you. Create a wish list if there are specific items you would like, and decide how important they are to you.

Set a budget
It is important that you know how much you’re willing to spend in order for the decorator to begin the project. Set a realistic budget, so your decorator knows what quality of finishes and materials you are able to afford.

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