How Elsie de Wolfe Pioneered The Interior Decorating Industry

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How Elsie De Wolfe Pioneered the Interior Decorating Industry

As certified interior decorating and design professionals serving Oakville, Mississauga, and the GTA, at Parsons Interiors Ltd., we derive immense pride from delivering top quality home décor products and furniture. Much of what we do revolves around pushing our boundaries to ensure that our clients are given long-lasting and durable products that are stylish and functional. 

While interior decorating is our passion, we believe that our lives would be dull without the impact that Elsie de Wolfe has on the interior decorating industry. 

Elsie was the first professional interior decorator in the US. She decorated the Colony Club in 1905, using a style unknown to that time period and went on to write a very popular book titled “The House in Good Taste.”

Contrary to the prevalent trend in the 1900s, Elsie became a successful working woman. She changed the way furniture was placed, used lighter materials, and veered away from clunky furniture.

Without Elsie de Wolfe, the design industry likely wouldn’t be what it is today. She was a key player in the design industry and continues to be an icon in today’s society. The risks she took transformed the direction of interior décor and started a profession that will continue to live on.

One of Elsie’s best quotes was, “You will express yourself in your house whether you want to or not.” I believe that this quote showcases why interior decorators are important as people will make an unconscious first impression of you when they walk into your home. Therefore your décor must be cohesive throughout the space, while simultaneously being aesthetically pleasing.

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