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Parsons Interiors Ltd. tips, and tricks on how to make your property look professional when staging. Staging is an overlooked, yet important method when selling a home.

The first step is to maximize curb appeal in this step, you must decide how to make the first impression on the buyers. By making a good first impression the buyers will be intrigued and want to learn more. Make sure the landscaping of the house is all up to date is neatly organized, a fresh coat of paint on the front door can also go a long way. Make sure you are not too attached to the house to the point where you no longer want to sell, but also not completely detached, so the house feels like a ghost town. Often homeowners blow their budgets on expensive upgrades but, but decorating your home is just as impactful and much cheaper. Remember it’s all in the details, so Parsons Interiors recommends you replace burnt out light bulbs, place fresh linens in bedrooms, and most importantly let there be light. Lighting makes the room feel bigger and more welcoming and that’s what you are trying to say to the clients, that they are welcome in this home.

The next step to staging a home is, choose a neutral colour palette. Bold colours are great for living, but not for selling. Light and bright should be your motto, keeping things light and bright make things look bigger especially in small rooms, and if the walls haven’t been painted in over 2 years, now is the time. Highlight the best use of space. Each room should be shown for its intended purpose, but giving a room more than one function is a great way to effectively show the space. Finally, make sure everything is clean!

The final step in making your home beautiful is to invest in places such as kitchens & bathrooms. If your kitchen/ bathrooms are dated then consider investing in repairing and upgrading these rooms. If your budget is limited, changing cabinetry hardware to brushed nickel or silver knobs and handles will give them an immediate appeal, also consider painting cabinetry instead of replacing them. Flooring is also another major area to increase the value of your home, it always costs less to replace worn carpets or add new flooring than to leave it to the new homeowners. Remember, vacant properties sit, furnished properties sell. People perceive furnished homes that are well decorated as worth more. Always call a professional stager for help, don’t hesitate, let Parsons Interiors help you do it right!

Steps to go about staging your home

  • Disassociate yourself with your home
  • By doing this it makes the buyer feel like they can now take over and make what was once yours, into theirs
  • Depersonalize
  • Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms
  • Remove/replace favorite items
  • When personal items are out it blocks the buyer’s imagination
  • The buyer must imagine their personal items in the house, and they can’t if yours are still up
  • Declutter
  • People collect an amazing quantity of belongings over time
  • When things are cluttered it makes the space unappealing
  • By decluttering, you are allowing the buyer to see the potential of the space
  • Rent a storage unit
  • Get rid of all excess items, and only keep the ones that focus on the purpose of the intended area
  • Rearrange bedroom closets and kitchen cabinets
  • Clean everything! A messy house is not appealing
  • Make the house sparkle
  • Make minor repairs
  • Scrutinize
  • Go outside of the house and ask yourself, would you want to go inside?
  • Check curb appeal
  • Remember Parsons Interiors Ltd. is here to help!