How does Parsons Interiors Ltd turn your house into a home?

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How Does PARSONS INTERIORS LTD. turn Your House into a Home

Well, it’s not by staying in and wearing your cosy pyjamas or by just bringing in plants into the house this doesn’t make it home, this can backfire and make it look cluttered and missy. her and have you're room looking great. First of all you need the time, the skill, and a good eye, that doesn’t come easy for some.

Our designers and decorators at Parsons Interiors are all certified which is very important and have a lot of passion for design and decorating.

Houses are designed as hangouts, and there are rules to follow. All you need to do is give one of our designers your wish list for example… are you most comfortable in a formal setting or more of a casual look and feel.

What colours do you feel fabulous wearing, then those are the colours we will be using in our design and decorating.

The more you express your likes and dislikes the better it is for us to come up with a design concept board for you to love. At the end of the day says "Jackie Connolly you are the one living in your home."

Some of our clients resent comments have been... it's not easy to make their house feel like a home. The first thing that we recommend is that they declutter their home first.

If you can't do it yourself then Parsons Interiors is able to have our team of trades to help you out.

Your home is a living space, not storage space. Houses and condos are getting smaller so make the most of your space by using furniture that is multiple partners decilitre will make your space feel less small, less noisy and more spacious.

Make your home comfy cosy by investing in the big pieces first and then layer it up with throw pillows, curtains and blankets for that perfectly cosy vibe. Candles are a positive way to create ambience and make a room feel cosier. They are great for mealtime two to create a soothing atmosphere.

You’ll be thinking, “ My home is amazing. “