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If you are looking to refresh your bathroom without doing a major renovation, here are some tips.

Updating your bathroom can put new life into the mundane; however, not everyone has the time, experience or budget to do a full renovation. If your tub and tile are in good shape, you can refresh your bathroom without too much effort.

A simple change can make all the difference.

Consider updating your towel racks or by buying some new ones, or check out heated towel racks you might need to consult with an electrician, especially if you choose a model that is hardwired, though plug-in models are also available.

Add a splash of colour on the walls or add texture by adding artwork or changing up your shower curtain, towels and bath rugs can also make a big difference, all are available at Parsons Interiors. And the good news is all made in Canadian, great quality products in different price points to suit everyone’s budget.

Updating your lighting can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. If you are using existing electrical you should be okay to change it up yourself, but always check with your municipality for local codes and bylaws. Lots of different styles and lighting options are available through Parsons Interiors but remember nothing close to the water source. Electricity and water don’t mix.

Pull out that ugly sink and replace it with a new vanity sink and a new set o taps. If you are short of space, a vanity will provide you with more storage adding floating shelves or a cabinet above the toilet will also give you some extra storage space.

Replacing that old toilet with a new low flow or dual flush toilet: You will save on water consumption.

If it’s a simple update and none of the plumbing needs altering, and if you are handy then you should be able to do the job yourself self if not, then Parsons Interiors have many trades people that can be recommended.

Scrape, remove and replace old, broken or missing caulking with a new application. Make sure the surface is clean before applying, and use mold and mildew resistant caulking. Remember in all cases to do your homework, watch videos and learn as much as you can before you start on any renovation project that you are taking on your own. Having a drill, and well-equipped toolbox and the proper safety gear is a must. Always take all of the necessary safety precautions when doing your own reno.

And finally, if you are in over your head, call Parsons Interiors professional team.

Be safe, have fun and make it right. " Changing your house into a home."