How Parsons Interiors Helped A Client Install Home Décor

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How Parsons Interiors Helped a Client Install Home Decor

Interior design is something most people want, but planning on doing it your self can be quite a challenge if you do not know what you are doing. It gets tougher when the budget is tight, and there are structural challenges, and multiple tradespeople need to work simultaneously.

At Parsons Interiors, we believe that the best way to mitigate any stress over the right design is to be prepared and have a perfect plan. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client install a decorative wall.

The Challenge: Installing a brick wall in a circular room.

We were once approached by a client who wanted to decorate a condo located in a round building. The client had a small budget and wanted a brick wall in the middle of the round living room. We had to ensure the wall did not interfere with the circular perimeter wall or the window covering to be installed on the wall.

Parsons Interiors contacted several tradespeople and discussed how we should tackle the issue on hand. We successfully put together a plan, by working with the many angles of the space and coordinating with all of the tradespeople. Whenever challenges arose, all of the tradespeople were at the condo at the same time, so we were able to resolve the problem on site.

The brick wall was created using thin brick veneer to stay on budget. The wall was shortened to stay away from the perimeter wall, and the window treatments could hang away. Our game plan fell into place seamlessly, and the drapery could be hung, and the wall went up successfully.

The Bottom Line

As certified interior decorating and design professionals serving Oakville, Mississauga and The GTA, at Parsons Interiors, we strive to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home with quality furnishings, that are personalized for you. Our team of professionals is here to answer all of your questions and bring your ideas to life.

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