How This New Colour Trend Could Affect You

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How This New Colour Trend Could Affect You

In the world of interior decorating and design, the emergence of new trends, styles and color choices happen at regular intervals and can rarely be predicted. Often styles that seem like they’re going to be a rage catapult into the realms of ridicule, while some frowned upon selections go on to become a statement of intent among people and in homes and offices.

At Parsons Interiors, we try our best to predict changes in trends and use our understanding of interior decorating and design to help our clients make choices that don’t stand out like sore thumbs once the trend has faded away. One of the more recent trends that people have been raving about is the emergence of vibrant blues, browns, and golds. Clients seem intent on getting these colors added to their homes.

This new color trend refreshes home and can make existing accessories in your home new again. These rich blues, browns, and golds have visual appeal and have a significant impact on people’s moods and room settings. The right tone of blues can create a very tranquil environment, and gold can bring back traditional items and style.

As these colors are associated with royalty and elegance, they can be very rich. However, blue can create a cold environment depending on the undertones and gold can be too bold for some. Besides, once these colors are replaced in the timeline of trends, you may be left with colors you don’t really want but cannot change it all over again because it is too expensive.

By working with Parsons Interiors, we can help you adopt this latest trend and integrate the blues and golds you want into a space with small feature items such as accent pillows, vases, and artwork. Alternatively, they can be used to make a statement such as a blue leather couch, accent walls, and rugs.

If using blue and gold is what you want, as certified interior decorating and design professionals serving Oakville, Mississauga, and the GTA, we will assist you in integrating these colors into your home. If you have any questions about interior designs or any trends, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here