Size Matters

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Home is meant to be a place where we come to relax, recharge, and find comfort. Believe it or not, the right décor and finishes can play a huge part in creating that oasis feeling! One particular design piece that brings a great amount of warmth into your space are area rugs. Throw one by the entry way or under the dining table, and you’ll see just how much more inviting and livable the space feels!

Placement is everything when it comes to area rugs. Knowing how and where it’s placed will allow you to better understand exactly what size is needed. But if you’re feeling a little lost, no need to worry. We thought we’d make it easy and break it down for you:


Seating Area

Family and living areas almost always incorporate a cozy area rug. The rug can be placed multiple ways, but like any decor feature it really depends on your individual preference! Furniture (such as sofas and chairs) can be placed partially or completely on, or entirely off the rug. Again, it’s based off your preference and what suits you.


Whether it’s your neighbours, your best friends, or your mother-in-law’s dining room, there is bound to be wood in this space. But an abundance of wood can often lack softness. Adding an area rug into the room can instantly transform a cold, hard looking room into a cozy, warm, space. Remember to leave 2 feet from the table’s edge to the outer edge of the rug to allow for chairs to be pulled away from the table, while still remaining on the rug. This also remains true for chairs and rugs in office areas.

Dining Rooms or Eating Areas



What better way to welcome a guest than with a beautiful area rug near the entrance? No matter what space you have, incorporating an area rug into your front entrance creates an instant impact…something that’s sure to impress. Have fun with it – match a circular rug with a circular side table, topped with a beautiful vase of flowers. Playing with shape and texture can create a cohesive, curated look.


What’s better than that first sip of coffee in the morning? Well, nothing really. But sinking your feet into a warm, plush carpet comes pretty darn close. When placing a rug in the bedroom, be sure that it covers the size of the bed, is wide enough to include any side tables, and place your feet when getting out of bed. If you have a bench at the end of your bed, be sure to include it on the rug as well.

We’ll give you one last tip because we’re feeling generous. If you’re looking for more softness and durability, try adding an under pad beneath the area rug. Doing this will also stop the rug from sliding and curling up at the edges. No one enjoys tripping over a rug!

Think about your space. Is there a room that lacks ‘oomph’? Is it visually a little too cold and hard? The answer could very well be adding an area rug. Whether it’s a bold colour, a sophisticated pattern, or a soft texture, an area rug can transform your space into a warm, inviting, and livable space. Just be careful…choosing something too beautiful and comfortable may result in not moving from the living room…ever.