What's Old is New

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When you think wallpaper, your first thought may be a flashback to your grandmother’s old dining room. The floral patterns with green vines wrapped around the crown. Let’s face it, wallpaper had it’s time. But as we see 2018, the once-dated interior feature has returned…and it might just be here to stay for a while.

We see it everywhere now – Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, you name it. It’s no wonder designers and home owners are drawn back to this application. Where a room lacks ambience, wallpaper adds that perfect punch of character. The right choice in colour and pattern can instantly add warmth, mood, and personality

Now, if the idea of introducing wallpaper again is somewhat daunting to you, have no fear. Designing all four walls with wallpaper can make a bold statement, but it might not be right everyone. So why not try making it a feature wall? Choose an accent wall in the living room, dining room, bedroom, powder room, a feature inset wall – the options are endless.

Whether it’s a bold texture, sophisticated pattern, or a soft botanical, whatever you choose is sure to make a beautiful impact and bring your unique personality into the space. Parsons Interiors carries a wide range of wall coverings, and of course, you know we had to share a few of our favourites!

Let’s face it… Botanicals will look amazing anywhere. Placing them in the bedroom instantly creates an oasis feel and adds a soft energy to the room.


JF Fabrics wallpaper has wide variety of wall coverings to choose from and lucky for you, Parsons Interiors carries them!



These wall coverings are perfect for any dining room. What better way to impress your guests than with a sophisticated feature wall that exudes elegance?

Another lovely brand carried by Parsons Interiors is Alendel!