5 Design Elements to accomplish a well designed room or home!

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The 5 essential steps that need to be taken in order to create a well designed space are: Feel, Colour, Materials, Scale and Layers. You don’t need to worry about figuring any of this out on your own because here at Parsons Interiors, we’ll help create the design that you have thought of for your space.

1) Feel: Regardless of the space your designing, you’re going to give it a specific feel. Whether you want it to be neutral and calming or bold and exciting, there’s going to be a part of you in that room. If you want to create the feeling of warmth, then you’ll stick too a warmer colour scheme and richer fabrics. If you want a space to feel larger, then you may want to consider decluttering and using mirrors. Whatever feeling you wish to achieve within the space, you have the ability to do so by simply using colour, materials, scale and layers!

2) Colour: When it comes to colour, you’re going to want to choose a colour scheme that will work with the feeling that you’ve decided to create within your space. If you know how what type of feeling you want to be created in your home but you’re not quite sure what colour scheme will help you achieve that, Parsons Interiors can help you come up with a variety of tones and shades to suit your design needs.

choose a colour scheme

3) Materials: Once you have decided on a feel and a colour scheme that you want to achieve, next is material selection. There are so many various types of patterns and textures that you can learn how to mix and match together in order to create a visual masterpiece.


4) Scale: You need to make sure that the pieces within your space are to scale. You don’t want things to be disproportionate, otherwise it can make the whole room feel ‘off’.


5) Layers: Having layers within your design helps create a visual dimension and gives depth to a space. This includes everything from, lighting to accessories. It’s those last few touches that help make the space really feel like it is yours!