Bringing the outside, IN!

Parsons Interiors Ltd |

Ever notice how your spirits are instantly lifted when you’re enjoying the outdoors? Whether it’s a walk on the beach, a walk through the woods or even being in your own garden; being around nature just creates happiness! A new style that is being introduced in the design world is Biophilic Design. It stems from the word “Biophilia”, which is a concept that describes the relationship between humans and nature.

So, how do we incorporate Biophilic Design into our homes? Read what Parsons Interiors have to say.

A significant amount of time is spent indoors these days which means we are stepping further and further away from Mother Nature. There are a few key things that we can do in order to bring this design style into your home!

1) Views

If you don’t have the option of actually being surrounded by nature, then having the ability to view it through your windows is the next best thing. Having the privilege of being able to admire a beautiful view, whether it’s of the ocean or a forest; lowers your heart rate and reduces your stress levels. Unfortunately, not every home is located in such a location where a beautiful view can be attainable. Therefore, we move onto another key element…


2) Natural Light

Everybody needs that exposure to daylight! So, shut off those computers and televisions, and open up those blinds and curtains! Let the daylight pour through your home and liven up your space! Soak up that Vitamin D! Make those windows as big as you can, and keep the window treatments to a minimum in those public areas of the home. Using glazed doors is a good option so that you still have the choice to close a door and retain some heat.


3) Plants

Using greenery throughout your home is not just one of those come and go trends. Not only is it here to stay but it also might just be the healing we need! Plants have the ability to add colour to a space, they also help create a serene and tranquil effect and they can also help add to a person’s creativity! However, Biophilic Design creates that connection with only the REAL thing! If that isn’t quite up your alley, then you still have the option to…


4)Fake it!

Sometimes a fake plant is everything we need! Not everyone has those views of the sea but we can still paintings of the sea! Representations of nature can be used throughout artwork, wallpaper, materials and other accessories in order to achieve that nature inspired look! Lastly, and one of the most important key points is…


5) Colour!

When it comes to using Biophilic Design, the colour scheme that helps create a more happy and stress free environment was along the lines of darker greens, blues, browns, tan and golds. But, don’t panic if you lean towards more of a colour preference! People tend to seek out colours that appear from bright flowers and fruits. Therefore, colours are not off limits, you just need to limit the amount of colour throughout the entirety of the space. You can use some fun coloured flowers, or even artwork and throw pillows! Think about complementary colours…such as a darker green couch with some zesty orange accent pillows for some added colour.