Your living room is a special place where you often just sit back by yourself, with your spouse or with friends.
 It's a place that's a unique reflection of you and what makes you feel comfortable when just sitting in front of the fire, reading a  

 book or watching a movie.

 Visualize being cozy in that special surrounding that you have always wanted, feel the peace and ambiance that you so deserve.


 When designing your living room or family room, it is crucial to plan your furniture to scale, having a balance, traffic flow, sociability,  function to your lifestyle and above all comfort, for a happier life.

 A sofa is possibly the biggest item in the room and therefore becomes the piece of furniture to which other pieces will be compared to  proportionally. Most sofas at Parsons Interiors can be customized to suit your space be it a large, small or even an awkward shaped room.  Custom is not necessary more expensive. Parsons Interiors design team can tailor to your needs.

 A loveseat is a smaller version of a sofa and accommodates tow people easily. They are especially useful for small spaces.

 Sectionals are comprised of a number of pieces or sections, as the name suggests of a number of pieces or sections, as the name suggests,

 the make up a  seating arrangement. They are available in many sizes, per section and as a total sectional. These pieces can be adaptable

 to most room sizes and shapes,  which makes them very flexible in calculating the right scale. Sectional sofas have many formats, from

 L-shaped to curved, or from a U-shape to a  straightforward rectangular profile. Corner pieces also add to lots of configurations.

 Other add-ons are a pull out sleeping area, chaise or recliner.  

 Sectionals are a great way of dividing large open rooms and make a big space appear friendlier.


 Armchairs are simply chairs with arms on either side. They come in many shapes and sizes, they can swivel, rock or even recline.

 When choosing recliners be sure to consider the entire length when stretched out.

 Occasional chairs are handy for additional seating for when you having company. They can aways be used in other rooms as needed. 

 Ottomans and footstools come in many shapes and options, tufted, skirted, tailored or loose fitting.

 They can be an individual piece or grouped with a chair. Some ottomans can be used for storage very useful in small spaces.

 Ottomans are ultimately used for seating or resting your feet. They also make good tables, but a tray may be needed if you're

 thinking of placing drinks and snacks on it. 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than having to hold a coffee or teacup in your hands because there is nowhere for you to place it

unless you physically get up and find a surface. Coffee tables or side tables are highly functional but can also be a decorative piece on

which to display interesting books and accessory. The side or end tables should be positioned on either side of the sofa or next to an armchair. The side tables or end tables are perfect to place lamps and interesting decorative accessory on. Nesting tables are compact and take up

little space as they nestle info each other in a decreasing order of size. They are fantastic for smaller areas and for times when you guests require table space.

Console or sofa tables are higher than most other tables and narrower. This type of table is positioned behind the sofa with the purpose of obscuring the sofas boring back.

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