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Hard furnishings help set the style and structure to the room.  With the many tones of wood available, we can help you match the colour of the grain to the rest of the room. Come see what we can offer you.  

Every room in that special space that you are going to create needs accent chairs that provide comfort and style to match the surroundings.  Whether it's a bedroom, living room or even an office, let us show you the many options to choose from.  

Accent Chairs

Hard Furnishings

Soft Goods

Accessories & Art

For high quality interior 

design/decorating in Oakville, Mississauga, and the GTA, we make it "about you".‚Äč

From the cushions to the bedding, to the drapes, the softness and the materials we see and touch daily round out the feeling of comfort and style in everyone of your rooms.  Experience the texture and colour and make your house into a home.

A kitchen is most often the centre point of the home.  It's where we gain comfort from the preparation of everything from a small snack to a full meal.  It's often a family gathering place for coffee or just a pleasant environment to doing something as simple as reading the newspaper.  A kitchen should be as functional as it is comfortable.  Imagine having the finest appliances in a warm and cozy setting. 


Design, colour, furnishings and architecture are never complete without those unique accessories and art to balance out the look of any room.   It's the final pieces of the puzzle that complete the vision you have to create that special atmosphere that you dreamed of.  Come to our studio and see our many catalogs of accessories and art.  

Come visit our design studio.