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Making that Special Place

Baby on Board



     For a lot of newlywed homebuyers and families who are expecting new additions to their

     lot, having the perfect nursery is a must! Here are a few things to consider for those

     who are expecting:


     The location of the nursery is very important. Choose a room that’s close to your own to            avoid making noise and easy access during odd hours of the night. Consider the natural                temperature of the room, and the amount of light that can go in when developing the

     overall design and theme of the nursery.

     Overall Style

     If your home has an overall style, make sure to incorporate it in the nursery. If you have a          traditional, eclectic, or edgy décor style, make sure the nursery reflects your overall home        style, so it doesn’t feel out of place.

     Mood Board

    Search the Internet and collect pictures and even videos of nurseries and interior design             styles that you like. Have variety for options. Discover what others have done that you like,

    and might work for your own nursery. Put a theme together through the pictures that you           find.


    It is easy to over-decorate specially when you find many things you like. Remember to pick         key items that can be points of interest in the room. Have child-friendly items, not

    necessarily   childish. Choose a colour palette that will make it easy for you to redecorate

    if needed.


   Choose colours and a setup that is calming and peaceful. There will be many hectic times

   that come with having a baby/babies. It is very important that the mom can feel calm and          relaxed in the room despite perhaps being physically busy with her tasks.


   Choose décor that is not permanent. Wall decals and stickers are a lot easier to change

   than full wallpaper. Think about how long the nursery might last your kid, until they

   develop their own taste and might want to change the décor around.


   Make sure electrical wirings are safely hidden away from the baby especially as they

   grow more active and curious about their environment. Make sure any heaters are safe

   and childproof.

   Key Furniture

   Most people think it’s easier to pick a paint colour for the room then match the furniture

   after, but the opposite is actually true. Pick key furniture you like first, then match

   paint colours that complement the furniture.


   Decide the exact uses of the nursery and place your furniture accordingly.

   Have designated areas for specific tasks. Determining these will make the design

   process a lot easier.

   Think Outside the Box

   Just because certain furniture or design is not listed under the ‘children section’ doesn’t

   mean you can’t use it for your nursery. Part of the design challenge is using things you

   may not initially think of using and making it work for yourself.